Weird Characters in Windows 7 – How to Fix?

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A weird thing was happened to my computer few weeks ago. This was after I rebooted when a part of Peoplesoft installation require me to restart the computer. It restarted just fine but it inexplicably replaces the readable text with weird characters. It made everything displayed completely unreadable. I couldn’t pin point the culprit because I installed a number of applications before the issue appeared, but there is one application that I have my eye on, the MS SQL 2008 R2.

My first thought is that somehow the language of the computer changed. Probably from one of the applications that I installed. To confirm my suspicion, I googled the internet hoping the some guys out there also having same experience. Soon enough I found this forum.

Internet Explorer Splash Dialog

Internet Explorer splash dialog.

There are two solutions provided, one is to change the associated charset of the fonts in the Windows Registry and the other one is to modify the non-Unicode program setting. I followed the instruction but I couldn’t find the described location in my registry so I go to the second option. Sadly, the second option also would not work. My computer is still displaying the weird characters.

There is still one thing that I wasn’t able to check, the Windows fonts. Since the Windows characters are directly connected to Windows fonts it might be worth to check the fonts repository. So I take a peek at the fonts’ folder in Windows directory and as  expected most of the fonts are missing.

All this time, to negate the difficulties of reading the weird characters, I solicited the help of another computer, with same OS, so that I can make actual comparison. The weird characters are really giving me hard time navigating to my computer.

Now that I found the problem all I need to do is to restore the fonts to its rightful place. After restoring the fonts, the weird characters is now replaced with readable ones.

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