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I learned something useful today. Something that is very helpful when downloading a very large file. This is about how to resume a broken download in Mozilla Firefox.

Downloading a large file from a direct link is a delicate operation, especially when you are using an unstable internet connection. It is not a question of “will your download break?” but “when your download break?”. For a large file, you just take your bet that your download will break after it is finished or else you risks losing a lot of time and bandwidth. The next question would be, if it will break, can you resume it? I am not sure about the other browser (I will find it), but for Mozilla Firefox the answer is yes! You can resume a broken download!

While downloading, if you noticed, Mozilla Firefox browser will save the temporary file with .part extension. Once the download is completed .part file will be replaced with actual file name of the file downloaded. If the download process is paused, the .part file will remain in your hard disk and when the download resume, this the same file will be used as a basis where the download will continue from where it left off. Get the idea? Knowing this download process, we can actually trick the Firefox download manager to use our broken file instead as a basis where to resume the download process. If this is still blurry to you can continue your reading below for more detailed explanation.

Below is a step by step process to resume a broken download in Mozilla Firefox.

1. Locate the .PART file of your download.
2. Once identified, move the .PART file to another location or folder.
3. Click the download link again to start a download.
4. Wait for few seconds. The aim here is to have the .PART file recreated by the download.
5. Once you are sure that the .PART file has been recreated, with a few bytes downloaded of course, PAUSED the download.
6. Now, remember that we copied the broken download .PART file to another location. Copy it again to the location of the current download. The .PART file of the new download should be replaced with the .PART file from the broken download.
7. Resume the download.

This is how to resume a broken download in Firefox. Your download should resume to where it left off when the download is broken.

I get this idea from the helpful poster of this forum.

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    Awesome!!! This will be veeeeeery handy! Thanks so much :)

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    Great! Thank you for this post. You save my 2 hour download. :)

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    Very useful tip. Thanks.

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    Thank you a thousand times!

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    its not helpful i dont get it pls explain more

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