Not Valid Win32 Application Error in Apache

If you are trying to configure your PHP to your Apache web server and you encountered the error “%1 is not valid Win32 application” when testing your configuration, it means there is a mismatch between your PHP and Apache. It is possible that your PHP is Win32 and your Apache is Win64, or the opposite.

Not Valid Win32 Error in Apache

To resolve, you just need to match the two application. Both should be Win32 or Win64.

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Important Records In PS Talent Acquisition Management (TAM)

Here are the list of the important records in PS Talent Acquisition Management. This is very helpful if you are working on the Peoplesoft TAM related tasks. I ripped this list from

PS_HRS_APP_ADDRESS         Applicant Address
PS_HRS_APP_ANSWER          Applicant Answers to Questionaire
PS_HRS_APP_APLC_VW        Gives Applicant Info on what job applied – what date, status etc
PS_HRS_APP_EMAIL               Applcant Email Info
PS_HRS_APP_ITEMS               Profile Content Items in an Applicant’s application.
PS_HRS_APP_JOPSCRN          Applicant Job Opening Screening Process
PS_HRS_APP_LOGIN               Applicant Career Site Login Info
PS_HRS_APP_NAMES              Applicant Names
PS_HRS_APP_PHONE              Applicant Phone info
PS_HRS_APP_PROFILE […] Continue Reading…

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PHP Thread Safe or Non Thread Safe?

I found the following response to my question about what to use when installing PHP. Is it the PHP thread safe or non thread safe? I like the answer so I totally copy and pasted the whole text from stackoverflow. May the god of Google Search forgive me.

Here it is.
Needed background on Concurrency approaches:

Different web servers implement different techniques for handling incoming HTTP requests in parallel. A pretty popular technique is using Threads — that is, the web server will create/dedicate a single thread for each incoming request. The Apache HTTP web server supports multiple models for handling requests, […] Continue Reading…

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2013 Review

It is a bit late but I still greet you a Happy New Year! I don’t have much time now to update this site. I got busy with my work and my personal project. There are lots of tips or tutorial that I wanted to share in the future but right now a little 2013 review.

I wanted to bring back my old post last year. Please check the list below.

Installing IIS in Windows 7
This is a short tutorial about how to setup the IIS web server in Windows 7 machine.

FAMI Website Was Hacked
FAMI is somewhat a branch of Metrobank […] Continue Reading…

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Disable Opening Movie in Civilization 5

If you have been playing the Civilization 5, you will notice that everytime you start the game, a movie will play before going to the actual gameplay menu. While this may not be annoying to some player (the opening movie is not bad by the way), a number of gamers would probably want this turned-off instead.

For me, I want this turned-off as it gets boring everytime it plays. The later version of the game has an option to turned the opening movie of by going to the Interface Options and check the Skip Intro Video option. The problem […] Continue Reading…

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